Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent bar and not use bar staff? 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this. We have highly professional and fun bar staff that makes each event a sp

Will you pick up kegs?

Yes, we can pick up kegs at Asheville Beverage Company. 

How much alcohol should I provide?

A good rule is one drink per guest per hour. But we are happy to discuss! 

Do packages you offer include alcohol? 

Our packages include exactly what you need to have a spectacular event but NOT alcohol. 


Thank you, Sheila Nolt, for the photo.

Do you offer Non Alcoholic drinks? 

We can absolutely offer a non alcoholic bar but typically the catering company will include N/A drinks with food order. 

How many servings are in one keg? 

1/2 Barrel 160 12 oz. cups

1/4 Barrel  80 12 oz cups (pony keg)

1/6 Barrel  55 12 oz cups (torpedo or sixtel keg)

Homebrew 50 12 oz cups (corny keg)

What size cups do you provide?

12 oz cups for beer and 9 oz cups for wine and cocktails

Do we need a liquor permit? 

This is a question for your venue. Some require and some do not. We cannot apply for this for you since we are not hosting the party. Here is a link to the permit. 

Do you offer a cash bar? 

Unfortunately, we do not at this time. But if the event is for a non-profit fundraiser please contact for more info. 

Do you carry insurance? 

Yes, we have liquor liability insurance and general liability. A copy can be provided if need be.