We are in the process of setting up Asheville's first non-alcoholic bar. After years of being in the bar business and service industry, we see a real need and desire for a place folks can congregate and have great drinks without the hangover the next day. A great place for a coffee alternative date, after-dinner drinks or social gatherings. Check back for updated info. Booze free bar coming soon!


We specialize in detoxifying cocktails (or mocktails), non-alcoholic craft beer, non-alcoholic wines, locally made elixirs, sodas, teas. As well as super-delicious botanical non-liquor drinks. We will have a wonderful selection of 0 proof liquors (like seedlip); which are becoming more popular every day. In a town that is so incredibly focused on being the number one craft beer city and the major industry is in food and beverage. There are a high number of folks who are sober curious or sober already and would love a space to hang out with friends. Sober doesn't mean your social life has to be over. We are going to create a safe, comfortable, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all to experience. 

Making Cocktails